What is Babbl?

Babbl takes an analytical approach to the news so you can spend less time reading when you invest. Our goal is to bring better market sentiment to retail investors by automating the legwork around investment research. How it works: we scrape the internet for thousands of finance articles and write algorithms to analyze sentiment within the text. These algorithms utilize AI to detect "mood" signals such as optimism and pessimism, and “time-direction” signals measured as reaction (ie. past-oriented sentences) and speculation (ie. future-focused). Each week we summarize the findings of our analysis into a newsletter for our subscribers. In short: we quantify articles to demystify the relationship between the news and the markets. A full description of how our sentiment works (and why it works) can be found here. Visit our website to learn more information and to sign-up for the beta release of our upcoming sentiment dashboard:


Beta Test Our v1.0 News Analyzer!

After a few months of rigorous testing and development, we are rolling out the beta version of our v1 Babbl News Analyzer on babbl.dev! What started as an experiment at the beginning of 2021 has now grown into a living, breathing website that tracks the influence of news coverage on the stock market. Thank you to the roughly 1,000 of you who have been reading our weekly newsletter and following along with us on social media — it is with your continued support and encouragement that we’re able to be in the position to build this tool for you.

The beta is still a work in progress; in the meantime, we are looking for 100 beta testers to try it out and tell us your thoughts! In exchange, you’ll receive a 4-month free subscription to the official website when it’s launched at the end of this year (along with the pride of knowing you helped us create a truly impactful tool for fellow DIY investors). Check out this post for instructions on how to become an official beta tester!


Thought? Question? Idea? Let us know what you think!

Submit your feedback to use via email at team@babbl.dev or via our website: