Launching the V1 Babbl News Analyzer🚀

We're launching a beta version of our website and looking for testers! No weekly news roundup this week as we migrate some updates to our analysis codebase on the back-end. Here's what we're building:

Hello everybody,

After a few months of rigorous testing and development, we are rolling out the beta version of our v1 Babbl News Analyzer on! What started as an experiment at the beginning of 2021 has now grown into a living, breathing website that tracks the influence of news coverage on the stock market. Thank you to the roughly 1,000 of you who have been reading our weekly newsletter and following along with us on social media — it is with your continued support and encouragement that we’re able to be in the position to build this tool for you. 😄🙏

The beta is still a work in progress; in the meantime we are looking for 100 beta testers to try it out and tell us your thoughts! In exchange, you’ll receive a 4-month free subscription to the official website when it’s launched at the end of this year (along with the pride of knowing you helped us create a truly impactful tool for fellow DIY investors). Here’s a link to the v1 website, check out the features below and follow the quick instructions at the bottom of this page to become a FREE beta tester:

Features ✅

Ticker Sentiment Trends: search tickers and see their sentiment in news coverage vs. stock price over the past week, month, or quarter. We track the volume of articles over time and extract the most high-impact nuggets written about each ticker so you can spend less time researching. We also track sentiment about each ticker across individual publishers and summarize which sources have written the most about your stock.

Ranked Most-Impactful Articles: This was one of our most requested features — we analyze each article written about each ticker and rank them in terms of bullish or bearish sentiment. This allows you to get the full picture of the conversation around a ticker and gauge both sides of what analysts are saying. You’ll also be able to see the complete history of articles published about a ticker, filtered to only articles with “high-credibility” — we remove irrelevant, clickbaity articles on the backend so you only get the things worth reading.

Overall Ticker Sentiment Heatmaps: We grade each article in terms of its sentiment (optimism or pessimism expressed about a ticker) and the tense in which it’s written (ie. future-tense or past-tense). This allows us to identify which articles are most bullish (ie. optimistic into the future) or bearish (pessimistic into the future). We summarize all of the articles about a ticker into a heatmap so you can see the overall mood and find articles with unpopular opinions.

Coming Soon 👀

While this beta is still a work in progress, we will be adding plenty more exciting features over the next few weeks as you’re testing it out. The full release is expected by the end of this year; here’s what’s in store:

Trending Page: Next month we’ll be adding a page to summarize the entire mood of the market across industries and sectors over each week, month and quarter — similar to CNNMoney’s Fear & Greed Index. This page will also show the most bullish and bearish stocks in news coverage in real-time, and identify which stocks are seeing the biggest jumps in conversation volume.

Personal Dashboard: We’re currently in the process of building personalized user dashboards (expect this within a few weeks). You’ll be able to save individual tickers to your watchlist and track their news coverage volume and sentiment. Down the road, you’ll also be able to get alerts for high-impact news events, and follow individual publishers.

More Tickers and Sources: We currently track mentions and sentiment for roughly 500 tickers across roughly 1,000 news publishers (Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, Benzinga, etc.). Over the coming weeks, we will continue to add hundreds of tickers — small-caps, crypto’s, basically anything we can find enough articles about. We also plan to start mining conversation from other media sources, namely Twitter, Reddit, and Newsletters. If there are any tickers/sources you’d like to see right away, reach out and help us prioritize!

Become a Beta Tester🚨

Here’s where we need your help. We’re actively looking for any and all DIY investors to test out the beta right now while we continue adding features. If you think you might fit the bill, you do. You’ll be rewarded with 4 free months and recognized on the credits page of our finished product — all we ask is that you tell us your thoughts so we can include them in the final release!! It’s free to test and takes <5 minutes to set up; here’s the 4-step instructions to become an official beta tester:

  1. Go to and click Log In/Subscribe:

  1. Create an account by entering your Email and Password:

  2. On the left of the payment page, **enter promo-code FIRST100 to set up 4-free months subscription** (unfortunately due to our current set-up you’ll have to enter card info but you WILL NOT be billed for the first four months, $5/month afterward and you can cancel whenever — apologies for the klunky-ness).

  3. That’s it, you’re all set! You’ll get a confirmation email and be re-directed to this page where you’ll be able to search tickers and see their news sentiment. Keep an eye out for another follow-up email from us down the road with some questions about what you think!

Thanks again to everyone who’s followed along and supported us so far on this journey, we hope to continue paying out the favor. We’re counting on each and every one of you subscribed to this newsletter to help us make a difference — even if you only spend 5 minutes testing it out, your time and feedback will be immensely valuable towards building a truly spectacular tool for DIY investors like ourselves. Please also consider sharing this post with any investor friends or communities to help us reach 100 testers; reply to this email (or reach out to with any questions/comments/concerns/feedback. That’s it for this week, stay tuned next week for your regularly scheduled programming of stock market news sentiment in review! 🤝💗


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